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Founded 1959




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Wayne Coin Club History



Founded in 1959, the Wayne Coin Club began with a purpose and a promise. 

 The  group wanted to find ways to  enjoy numismatics with others, 

 They planned to help members grow in their  knowledge of coins.  And they promised to 

encourage young and beginning collectors in the fun and challenge of collecting coins. 

Anyone interested in coins is always welcome to join  the Wayne Coin Club. 


In 1959, the first meeting was held in Warren Hick's home.  Later meetings were held in Dick Jackson's home.

  Soon  Jackson became the club's first president. 


Then  Don Charters  led the club as president  for 19.years.  Don is a well respected and nationally known numismatist .

 He received a Lifetime Achievement  Award from the club in December of  2013. 


 Later the group moved to the Wayne W.M.C.A., when it was known  as the  Wayne Y.M.C.A. Coin  Club.


Today The Wayne Coin Club meets at St John's Episcopal Church in Westland, Michigan. 

The Current president, John D, has led the club for  a long time. 


Through the years the club has remained true to it's promise.

The Spring Coin Show is held on the first Sunday of March 

This provides a chance for members and friends to buy, sell

and see coins. from different times in history, and from many areas of the world 

Also, people in the community are welcome  to come in and experience the excitement of numismatics. 

 A host of different items can be found at the shows. Among them are:   Hobo nickels,  large cents, 3 cent pieces,

Canadian coins bearing colorful animals and  United States Coins and  foreign coins  too numerous to mention.


Members of the Wayne Coin Club  speak fondly of their traditions:

 The  Christmas Dinner and gift exchange in December and the pizza party in the spring. 

 Ask any member 'what is the best part of the Wayne Coin Club?' and they will  undoubtedly say:  The People!


Going forward, the Wayne Coin Club will continue in the purpose and promise of it's founders: 

Enjoy coin collecting with others. 

Help members grow in the knowledge of coins, and encourage young and beginning collectors in the fun and challenge of numismatics. 


Join us at the Wayne Coin Club's Coin show on the first Sunday of March!

The Wayne Coin Club was Closed December 7, 2015